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Check Flexural Stress In Partial Grouted Reinforced Masonry Wall:
(Note: All input Metric units are converted to English units for the equations below and then the output English units are converted back to Metric)
ASD Chapter 2, MSJC Code, check flexural stress in partially grouted reinforced masonry wall subjected to flexural stress, with neutral axis falling within core of wall:
In this calculation to design a new wall, enter the variables directly below.  Then click the first "calculate" button to come up with a trial steel area.  Next, leaving the variables already entered, enter the trial steel area used then click the second "calculate" button for the final results.  To evaluate an existing wall enter the variables below and the trial steel area and click the second "calculate" button for the results.
Specified compressive stress of masonry unit (f'm - psi or MPa)
Allowable reinforcement tensile stress (Fs - psi or MPa)
Moment on unit length of wall (M - in-lb/ft or N-m/m)
Assumed ratio of dist between centroid of flexural compressive forces and centroid of tensile forces to depth (j - typically 0.9 is used)
Distance from the extreme compression fiber to centroid of tension reinforcement (d - in or mm)
Width of wall section from grouted cell to grouted cell (b - ft or m)
Width of grouted cell and adjacent web sections of adjacent empty cells (bw - ft or m)
Face shell thickness of masonry unit (tfs - in or mm)

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Estimated Area of steel, As =
Trial design area of steel for design, As (in^2/ft or mm^2/m)
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Em =
n =
Fb =
k =
fb =
C =
T =
MR =
If MR > or = M then flexural design OK.  Check shear stress.

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