Steel Connectors Design Problem 2 - Calculate the shear strength of a bolt in a slip connection:

Calculate the LRFD strength of a 1 and 1/2 inch diameter A325 high-strength bolt in single shear in a slip connection.
Assume bolt holes are long slotted in the transverse direction and bolts are pretensioned adequately to prevent slip.
From the steel connectors submenu open the slip critical connection calculation, SlipCriticalConnection.aspx.
Input the "Title" of the calculation and the "Designer/Checker" information.
Then from the steel connectors submenu open the steel connectors design guide, SteelConnectorsDesign.aspx.
Find the minimum bolt pretension for an A325 bolt.
Enter all the variables and click on the "Calculate" button and read the results.
The maximum shear strength is 24.442 kips.

2. Summary
The maximum shear strength, Ru for a 1 and 1/2 inch A325 bolt in a slip critical connection with the given characteristics is 24.442 kips.


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