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Calculate The Bolt Slip Resistance in a Slip Critical Connection Subjected to Tension:
(Note: All input Metric units are converted to English units for the equations below and then the output English units are converted back to Metric)
AISC J3.9:
The following is for calculating the bolt slip resistance of a slip critical connection subjected to an applied tension force.
Choose below, the hole filler factor where hf = 1.0 for no fillers, 1 filler or where bolts are added to distribute loads in the filler and hf = 0.85 for 2 or more fillers between connected parts.
Select the slip critical coefficient, u, below.  Class A - unpainted clean mill scale steel surfaces or surfaces with Class A coatings on blast-cleaned steel and hot-dipped galvanized and roughened surfaces.  Class B - unpainted blast-cleaned steel surfaces or surfaces with Class B coatings on blast-cleaned steel.
Choose hole condition below to adjust LRFD and ASD factors.
Number of slip planes (Ns)
Minimum fastener tension (Tb - kips or kN)
Tension force on the connection (T - kips or kN)
Number of bolts (Nb)
Note:  Du = 1.13, ratio multiplier of mean installed bolt pretension to the specified minimum bolt pretension.
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Nominal slip resistance, Rn =
Slip resistance, Ru =

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