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Calculate Section Properties of an Angle Section:
(Note: All input Metric units are converted to English units for the equations below and then the output English units are converted back to Metric)
The following calculation applies to equal and unequal leg angles.  For equal leg angles enter the same length for long leg as for short leg.
Length of the short leg (b - in or mm)
Thickness of the steel (t - in or mm)
Length of the long leg (d - in or mm)

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Moment of Inertia x-axis, Ix =
Moment of Intertia y-axis, Iy =
Area of section, A =
Section modulus of x-axis, Sx =
Section modulus of y-axis, Sy =
Radius of gyration of x-axis, rx =
Radius of gyration of y-axis, ry =

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