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Calculate the Tangent Runout And Superelevation Runoff Distance For A Banked Curve:
Road lane width (w - ft or m)
Road cross slope (p - ft/ft or m/m)
Superelevation runoff rate (SRR)*
Curve superelevation (e - ft/ft or m/m)
*An SRR of 1/200 = .005 is commonly used for for speeds less than 50 mph.   
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Tangent runout, TR =  
Superelevation runoff distance, L =  
Superelevation runoff begins 2/3 L before the PC and ends at a distance 1/3 L after the PC, when full superelevation is developed.
Tangent runout begins before the superelevation runoff distance and ends at the start of the superelevation runoff distance.

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