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Select Proportions for Normal Weight Concrete Mix:
*Referencing ACI 211.1-91 (Reapproved 2009), "Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete", this calculation is to be used for selecting proportions for an initial normal weight concrete mix.
Maximum concrete slump (Slump - in or mm); minimum slump is 1 in (25 mm)
Nominal maximum size of course aggregate (Ad - in or mm) (enter decimal form only - no fractions)
Enter the water weight for concrete (W - lb/cy or kg/m^3)
Amount of entrapped air (Air - %) 
Concrete 28 day compressive strength (f'c - psi or MPa) 
Water-cement or water-cementitious materials ratio (WC)
Pozzolanic Materials   
Pozzolanic materials percentage (PM - %) 
Specific gravity of pozzolanic materials (Sp); if unknown use 2.4 
Unit weight of course aggregate (Aw - lb/cf or kg/m^3); if unknown, use 95 to 120 lb/cf (1522 to 1922 kg/m^3) 
For Absolute Volume Basis only, enter the specific gravity of course aggregate (CASp) 
Unit volume of course aggregate per unit volume of concrete (CAV) 
Fineness modulus of fine aggregate (FA) 
For Absolute Volume Basis only, enter the specific gravity of fine aggregate (FASp) 
First estimate of concrete weight (ECW - lb/cy or kg/m^3) 
Adjustment For Moisture in Aggregate   
Total moisture content of course aggregate (CAM - %) 
Total moisture content of fine aggregate (FAM - %) 
Degree of moisture absorption of course aggregate (CAMA - %) 
Degree of moisture absorption of fine aggregate (FAMA - %) 
Water Reducing Admixture   
Amount of water reducing admixure (WR - %) 
Water reducting admixture resulting percent reduction of water, as given by manufacturer, (RW - %) 

Initial Concrete Mix Design Proportions: 
Water =
Cement =
Course Aggregate =
Fine Aggregate =
Pozzolanic Materials =
Water Reducing Admixture =

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