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Coulomb's or Rankine Active Earth Pressure Coefficient, Pressure, Horizontal Resultant and Moment:
The Rankine formula for earth pressure differs from Coulomb's by ignoring the friction between the wall and the backfill, AngF = 0.0 degrees.   
(Note: All input Metric units are converted to English units for the equations below and then the output English units are converted back to Metric)
*Angle of backfill slope, (AngB - degrees)
Angle of back of wall to horizontal, (AngWall - degrees)
Angle of friction between the wall and the backfill, (AngF - degrees)**
Height from bottom of heel to top of slope (H - ft or m)
Density of soil (d - pcf or kg/m^3)
*Angle of internal friction (AIF - degrees)
Cohesion of the soil (c - psf or kPa)
*In order for this equation to apply, AngB <= AIF.
**For Rankine formula use AngF = 0.0.
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Active earth pressure coefficient, ka =
Active earth pressure, pa =
Active earth pressure Resultant, Ra =
Active earth pressure Moment, Ma =

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