Earthwork Design Problem 1 - Calculate stormwater retention pond volume:

Given the design for the stormwater retention pond below, calculate the storage volume and the haul volume if it is all cut with a 20% bulking factor.

From the surveying and earthwork submenu open the volume by average end area calculation, VolAvgEndArea.aspx. Input the "Title" of the calculation, the "Designer/Checker" information and the variables.  End 1 cross section area, A1 is 300'x120' = 36000 sf. End 2 cross section area, A2 is 80'x260' = 20800 sf. The distance between cross sections is the depth 105.00 - 100.00 = 5'. Leave the bulking factor as 1.00. Click on the "Calculate" button. Read the results. The storage volume of the pond is 5259.259 CY.

To calculate the haul quantity with a 20% bulking change the bulking factor to 1.20 and click the calculate button. Read the results. The haul volume is 6311.111 CY.

Often the storage volume for a detention pond is given in cubic feet instead of cubic yards, the quantity can be easily converted to other units using the conversion module. To convert volume go to the unit conversions submenu and open the volume calculation, Volume.aspx. Enter the amount and the units to convert then click the calculate button. 5259.259 CY = 141999.993 cubic feet.

5. Summary
The storage volume of the pond is 5259.259 CY = 141999.993 CF and the haul volume is 6311.111 CY with 20% bulking.


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