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Civil and Structural Engineering Design Calculations:
  • Hydrology calculations, open channel calculations, culvert calculations, sewer calculations and water force main calculations.
  • Traffic and road geometry calculations, surveying and earthwork calculations, pavement calculations and concrete floors-on-grade calculations.
  • Shallow foundation calculations, concrete cantilever retaining wall calculations, concrete column calculations, concrete beam calculations and suspended concrete floor calculations.
  • Steel shape properties, steel column calculations, steel beam calculations, steel tension member calculations, steel connector calculations and steel welding calculations.
  • Load Resistance Factor Design, LRFD, Structural wood calculations, Allowable Stress Design, ASD, Structural wood calculations and ASD concrete masonry calculations.
  • Engineering Economics Calculations. Perform calculations for engineering economics such as present worth, compound amount, uniform gradiant, sinking fund and capital recovery.
  • Engineering unit conversions. Convert units of measurement, English or Metric.

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